Aawaz Gyawali

Mobile Developer defines me well.

I’m Aawaz Gyawali — a Mobile Developer specializing in Android, IOS and React Native. I have been working on mobile development for quiet some time now. I started with Android development and later blend in to the iOS. I have great skills in Firebase and Google Cloud Platform.

On this blog you’ll find stuff about my passions — stuff that I work on, stuff that I build, stuff that I love. Hope you enjoy

What I can do

Android Development

Been working on Native Android development for more then 3 years. Have knowledge of both JAVA and Kotlin

iOS Developement

Have fluent skill of developing native iOS applications using Swift 4 with great skills of Cocoapods.

React Native

React Native is a native hybrid mobile development tool and hybrid is future. I have worked with it too.


Flutter is a new cross-platform mobile development framework written in Dart. Its supported by Google and is capable of building robus client side apps.

What I Have Done

My Writings

July 21, 2018

BSc CSIT vs Computer Engineering vs BIT

This question is a burning topic. Every student who wants to study computer science course has this question.  Thus, here I am writing to highlight the main differences. University: BSc CSIT…

July 20, 2018

The story behind CSIT Entrance.

Before I start my writing, it would be better if I mentioned a little bit about myself. I am a BSc CSIT student currently studying at Amrit Campus. I am…

January 1, 2018

Why I prefer Kotlin over JAVA

As we all know, back in IO 2016 Google announce its first class support to Kotlin for native android developmentand gave Android Studio an update to support coding in Kotlin….

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