The story behind CSIT Entrance.

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Before I start my writing, it would be better if I mentioned a little bit about myself. I am a BSc CSIT student currently studying at Amrit Campus. I am currently in my 7th semester. Along with my study, I am a co-founder at Brainants Technology where I also work as a Mobile developer.

3 years ago, after my +2 exams. I was very excited and pumped up about my bachelor’s degree. I was studying at PEA for IOE Entrance examination. One day I say an ad in a newspaper about BSc CSIT. Back in the school days, I was very much interested in computer science so that ad changed my mind. I convinced my family to let me study CSIT instead of Engineering. Then the harder part began, there were lots and lots of question on my head regarding CSIT. It’s scope, job chances and all. But it was very hard to get the answers, I found some other guys who wanted to study CSIT with the same questions. Somehow we managed to get the answer. Some of the information about the BSc CSIT program was very bad.  The exam result system, percentage system instead of the grading system, the outdated course of study. As we had already chosen the path, we decided no matter what we will study CSIT. Luckily I scored enough marks in the entrance exam to study in Amrit Campus.

And then the interesting things happened, the problem that I and my friends faced while choosing CSIT, that stuff stuck on my mind so I started working on the mobile development and eventually planned to develop an app with all the information regarding the entrance procedure and details of the BSc CSIT program. I started working on the application without knowing how to build it. Initially, I named the app “CEQ” CSIT Entrance Quiz with a plan to add quiz functionality in the app to prepare for the entrance exam. I went through serious development issues like rendering mathematical equations on the mobile screen luckily I managed to overcome those issues. Also, there were some peoples who demotivated me on my effort by saying its not gonna work, peoples won’t gonna use it. But I never gave up on my idea.

Then the application started to get its shape and I got some help from my friends on things like designing, content writing, and development. We started to form a team and finally, we named the application “CSIT Entrance” and launched the app with features like colleges, quiz, chat with admin, news etc. With 0% marketing work, we were able to get more than 800 users in our first year. At that moment, we realized its a very good concept to work on, and students also wanted it to get informed about all the things that happen in BSc CSIT.

In our 3rd year of 2017, we were able to get 2500+ students on our application. We also managed to get some support from CSIT colleges as an ad. That helped us a lot on our expenses of servers and content writing charges.

Today, at the 4th year of the app we are expecting to help more than 4000+ students on our platform and luckily we are already halfway through. We have also generated some revenue from the colleges and started making a profit from our platform. This is the very proud moment for us, as a small idea and problem that we faced in the early days of our bachelors gave us the opportunity to learn, work, help as well as earn money from it. The best thing is the feeling that we are able to help people along with generating revenue from it.

As a conclusion I would like to tell students who are willing to Study CSIT that never lose hope no matter what the world says, just focus on what you want to do, what you want to achieve. Follow your destiny, never look back and don’t get distracted by anyone and anything until you reach your goal.

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